Welcome to Our Parish!


Welcome to St. John the Baptist Parish Burlington!

Welcome to our parish web site. Within these pages, you will find the information you need to feed your faith life and that of your family. At the same time, these pages will give you a glimpse of who we are and how our community lives out our Catholic beliefs together.

Saint John the Baptist is the oldest Roman Catholic Church in Burlington, serving the people in the central core. The Church itself is at the corner of Brant Street and Blairholm Avenue, about one kilometer north of Lake Ontario.

As a parish, we strive to grow in the love and knowledge of God, sharing his Good News with the world. We also work to be a loving and welcoming community, caring for all in need and always being faithful to Christ’s call.



Anyone wishing to make an offertory gift to St. John’s parish during the Covid-19 outbreak may do so (using a credit card) through the following link:


As ever, all donations will receive a tax receipt.

To: Our Parishioners at St. John the Baptist Parish

If you know of any individuals or families needing help with food during this difficult time please advise them to:

  • phone our Society of Saint Vincent de Paul Conference at 905-979-6460 OR
  • direct them to one of the following:


St John’s Parish

Prayer and Faith Sharing

Coming Together (Electronically)

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Hope,Gratitude and Solidarity

Please click HERE, to view A Message to Canadians from Religious Leaders in Canada in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

In spite of present sufferings, which can seem overwhelming at times, the flames of hope cannot be extinguished. Let us witness hope to each other and so become beacons of light during these uncertain times.


COVID-19 Update

“The Diocese of Hamilton has issued directives regarding COVID-19 which state that, for the time being, all weekday and Sunday Masses are cancelled effective immediately.  Furthermore, group meetings are suspended for your health and safety.  For more information and possible updates, kindly visit hamiltondiocese.com.”


21st Century H. S. Students Show 20th Century H. S. Students The Fine Points of Modern Communication Technology.

On January 11, 2020, we welcomed nine very competent and patient students from Assumption High School and Notre Dame High School to our Parish Hall at St. John the Baptist Church. They had been invited by our parish Men’s Group.

The purpose of their visit was to instruct parishioners who had questions about how to both operate and navigate through the variety of programs and apps on personal laptops, smart phones, notebooks, etc.

The event had been promoted on the parish web site, in the Parish Bulletin and by Father Sims at the end of the weekend Masses. In all, there were 18 parishioners who participated. Each adult brought a “device” and was paired with one of the students where questions were answered and “hands-on” instruction was given.

Thank You Assumption & Notre Dame

As the day was windy, wet and cold a number of the people that we had expected to be present were unable to attend – undoubtedly as a result of the poor weather conditions. The event was the first of its kind at our parish and – one that we deemed to be a great success. The Men’s Group hope to offer this learning opportunity at a later date. So, Stay tuned to our Web Site and check the weekly Bulletin. Click HERE for our Gallery photos of the event.