Welcome to Our Parish!


Welcome to St. John the Baptist Parish Burlington!

Welcome to our parish web site. Within these pages, you will find the information you need to feed your faith life and that of your family. At the same time, these pages will give you a glimpse of who we are and how our community lives out our Catholic beliefs together.

Saint John the Baptist is the oldest Roman Catholic Church in Burlington, serving the people in the central core. The Church itself is at the corner of Brant Street and Blairholm Avenue, about one kilometer north of Lake Ontario.

As a parish, we strive to grow in the love and knowledge of God, sharing his Good News with the world. We also work to be a loving and welcoming community, caring for all in need and always being faithful to Christ’s call.


COVID Vaccines

The official position of the Catholic Church is that all available COVID vaccines are ethical and all Catholics who are able are encouraged to receive the vaccine. All employees serving in the Diocese of Hamilton are encouraged to be fully vaccinated or to submit to a COVID rapid test every Monday and Thursday in order to carry out their responsibilities. Volunteer liturgical ministers are required to be fully vaccinated. Bishop Douglas Crosby, OMI, encourages every member of the Catholic Church within our Diocese of Hamilton to be fully vaccinated.


Hamilton Retrouvaille

Retrouvaille is a program for married couples facing difficult challenges in their relationship. This is a practical program designed to improve communication, build stronger marriages and help couples reconnect.

Phone 905-664-5212 or email teamrecine@gmail.com.


One Heart, One Soul Campaign comes to St. John the Baptist, Burlington.

The Diocese of Hamilton’s One Heart, One Soul Campaign has raised more than $23 million so far, with most of it benefiting parishes and the projects of their choosing. Our parish will kick off its participation in the campaign on Feb. 20-21. For the next few weeks, we’ll feature Frequently Asked Questions about the campaign, beginning with questions related to COVID-19. For the full list of FAQs and much more about the campaign, visit www.oneheartonesoul.ca.

God bless our campaign, and our parish

If you haven’t already, you should be receiving your One Heart, One Soul Campaign packet in the mail soon. If you have any questions once you’ve read the material, feel free to contact the Parish office at (905) 634-2485. Also, if you haven’t already, go to www.stjohnthebaptist.ca to hear Father’s message and see the campaign video. We ask you to continue to pray for the success of the campaign, and we will be grateful for any gift you can make!

Q. How do you determine the pledge amounts that families are asked to consider?

A. Ask amounts are based on a number of factors: planning study results, families’ history of parish support, input from church leadership, and the understanding that for this to be successful it will require sacrificial gifts. In other words, if the amount you are asked for is more than you anticipated, it generally means that you have been a generous supporter of your parish and/or the Diocese and is an indication of the challenge we face in reaching our goal. Through this campaign, we are asking everyone to consider supporting their parish and the Diocese in a meaningful and sacrificial way and in a manner that works well for each family. It is not our intention to offend or embarrass anyone. The amount requested is NOT an expectation. It is an invitation to participate in this project at whatever level that is sacrificial and meaningful to you and your family. We will be grateful for any support you offer.

Q. Does a campaign commitment result in tax benefits?

A. Gifts to the campaign are eligible for charitable tax credits that can significantly reduce the amount of tax you pay. The specific tax credit received is based on the amount of your gift and your taxable income. Donors with specific questions regarding tax benefits should contact their attorney or financial adviser.

This weekend, we are of One Heart and One Soul!

It’s Kickoff Weekend! The One Heart, One SoulCampaign at St. John the Baptist Parish Burlington is now underway, and please go to www.stjohnthebaptist.ca to hear Father’s message and see the campaign video. Also, you soon will receive a mailing that offers much more information on the parish’s projects, the diocesan ministries that benefit and how each parish will be helping other parishes in the diocese. Be watching for the mailing, and if you hear from a fellow parishioner about the campaign, please welcome their call!

Q. How can I make a gift or pledge to the campaign?

A. There will be a number of ways to make a gift or make payments on your pledge to the campaign, including:

– Setting up a pre-authorized gift (automatic withdrawal) from a chequing account

– Setting up a recurring credit card payment

– Paying by cash or cheque through the mail

– Making a stock or securities transfer

 Q. Are cash pledges the only kind of gifts?

A. Because many of the needs of the campaign will require immediate funding, gifts of cash and appreciated securities are generally sought. But trust and estate gifts are welcomed. Donors considering a planned gift should contact the diocesan development director, Francis Doyle, at 905-528-7988 to discuss the options available.

Q. Will we get reminders about our pledges during the three years of the campaign?

A. Yes, regular giving updates and reminders will be sent through the Diocese.

Thank you to our campaign volunteers

St. John the Baptist Burlington Parish is so grateful for parishioners who are working on preparations for the One Heart, One Soul Campaign, which kicks off here in two weeks. With their help and yours, we believe the campaign will strengthen our parish in important ways and help build a culture of stewardship.

Q. What changes are being made to the campaign process because of the current situation?

A. The options for parish projects that utilize campaign funds are even wider now and can include efforts to stabilize operating budgets. Pastors and parish leaders are encouraged to further review request amounts and their use to be sensitive to parishioners’ changing situations. Also, options have been expanded on how we communicate with prospective donors. Face-to-face meetings have been an important piece of the campaign, but safety is paramount, and a number of alternatives, such as phone calls, will be utilized so that every parishioner’s situation is handled safely, sensitively and appropriately.

Q. Won’t giving now make it harder for a lot of parishioners?

A. The campaign is founded on stewardship, our belief that we give back in gratitude a portion of what we’ve been given by God. Stewardship isn’t just for the good times in life, when we can give easily; it’s for all times, including the bad. We may adjust how much we give, or to whom we give, but we continue to give – in gratitude for and in proportion to what we’ve been given. A truly sacrificial gift demonstrates our trust that God will provide what we need, though not necessarily what we want. Stewardship isn’t what KEEPS us from getting through the tough parts of life; it’s what HELPS us get through them.

Are you ready for kickoff?

The One Heart, One Soul Campaign kickoff is just a week away! Next weekend, you’ll be given a way to hear Father’s message about the campaign, learn more about our parish projects and view the beautiful campaign video. (Psst! If you want a sneak peek at the video, go to oneheartonesoul.ca/watch.)

Why do you emphasize making a pledge?

Pledges allow donors to consider giving more than is possible through one-time gifts. Parishioners are able to be more generous to their parishes’ campaign and the Diocese through incremental giving over time. Also, pledging is not as big a strain on household budgets. This is important in a campaign of this magnitude.


For the Common Good

Please click on the link below to read a message from the (Most Rev.) Douglas Crosby, OMI, Bishop of Hamilton on the current pandemic crisis.

20210118-2021 FOR THE COMMON GOOD On the Pandemic Sacrifices January 18


Anyone wishing to make an offertory gift to St. John’s parish during the Covid-19 outbreak may do so (using a credit card) through the following link:


As ever, all donations will receive a tax receipt.


To: Our Parishioners at St. John the Baptist Parish

If you know of any individuals or families needing help with food during this difficult time please advise them to:

  • phone our Society of Saint Vincent de Paul Conference at 905-979-6460 OR
  • direct them to one of the following:


St John’s Parish

Prayer and Faith Sharing

Coming Together (Electronically)

If you would like to be included in Deacon Rob’s Prayer and Faith Sharing virtual meeting, please fill in the form below.  Once Deacon Rob has your e-mail, he will send you further information.

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Hope,Gratitude and Solidarity

Please click HERE, to view A Message to Canadians from Religious Leaders in Canada in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

In spite of present sufferings, which can seem overwhelming at times, the flames of hope cannot be extinguished. Let us witness hope to each other and so become beacons of light during these uncertain times.

St. John Talent Show 2020

For the last several years our St. John the Baptist Parish Men’s Group has hosted a spring Talent Show featuring mostly students from St. John School.

On each occasion the event enjoyed great success attracting a large number of parishioners, friends and families to watch these young people perform.

This year due to covid-19 restrictions our parish-school community was unable to offer the show in its usual format in the parish hall.

However, this unforeseeable situation did not stop the show from going on! Au contraire!

With imagination, modern communication technology plus hard work and initiative on the part of the students, their parents and the staff of St. John School the show did go on.

Please click on the link below to see the 2020 version of the St. John Talent Show.

Thank you students. You are the best.


Enjoy the show and the message at the end!