Welcome to Our Parish!


Welcome to St. John the Baptist Parish Burlington!

Welcome to our parish web site. Within these pages, you will find the information you need to feed your faith life and that of your family. At the same time, these pages will give you a glimpse of who we are and how our community lives out our Catholic beliefs together.

Saint John the Baptist is the oldest Roman Catholic Church in Burlington, serving the people in the central core. The Church itself is at the corner of Brant Street and Blairholm Avenue, about one kilometer north of Lake Ontario.

As a parish, we strive to grow in the love and knowledge of God, sharing his Good News with the world. We also work to be a loving and welcoming community, caring for all in need and always being faithful to Christ’s call.


Elvis Volunteers at St. John the Baptist During the Sound of Music Festival

The parish parking lot fund-raiser that we traditionally hold every June during the Burlington Sound of Music Festival welcomed a surprise visitor this year to help with the event.

The visitor (pictured below) with a team of over twenty volunteers from the parish raised almost $1,500 which will be used to support ministries at the church as well as programs, such as the FORMED series for our parishioners and the annual Talent Night that involves both the parish and students from St. John School.

Thanks to all the people from the parish who offered their time and energy to help with this worthwhile project. It was encouraging to see the spirit that everyone showed while working together toward a common goal.

And, by the way. Our visitor has assured us that he has not left the house.

He has promised that he will return again in June, 2019.

To see photos of some of our greatly appreciated volunteers who helped click HERE.

Parish Food Drive For the Burlington Food Bank June 9 and 10, 2018

Congratulations St John’s!

The June 9 & 10 Food Drive for the Burlington Food Bank was one of our most successful ever.

Thank You

The photo below shows the helpers taking it all away to the Food Bank.

PLEASE NOTE: Summer is a time when the food bank often runs low on supplies because there are a lot more school children at home. Our food drive will help this situation enormously. However, if you wish to continue helping the hungry in Burlington you can drop off non-perishable food items in the blue Burlington Food Bank barrel at the main entrance of the church when you come to Mass on the weekend. 


Maple Villa to Spencer Smith Park June 8, 2018

Thank you to the St. John’s Parishioners who assisted our Saint Vincent de Paul Members with the first scheduled summer walk with our neighbours at Maple Villa.

It was a very successful event that was truly appreciated by a grateful group of people in our community who deserve to be treated with dignity and kindness.

Parishioners who are able are invited to participate in this worthwhile program that continues until early October.

For more information contact our Parish Society of Saint Vincent de Paul at: 905-979-6460 or stvatsj@gmail.com

For more photos of this event CLICK here.


Celebrating 50 Years as a Priest On Sunday June 2, 2018

Congratulations to our former Pastor, Father Ralph Diodati on the occasion of his 50th Anniversary to the Priesthood which he celebrated with us today. Several of our parishioners plus family and friends of Father were present at the special Mass he offered at 2:00 P. M. at St. John the Baptist.

Before the Mass began Our Pastor, Father Bob Sims welcomed him back to our Parish and he introduced the four members of the clergy present who had studied in the Seminary with Father Ralph or had worked with him over the years.

These included Bishop Anthony Tonnos, Father Paul Boucher, Father Ronald Cote and Father Andrew Quarshie – a priest well known by our parishioners whom Father Ralph had assisted when he first came to Canada.

Father Quarshie, in fact, delivered an inspirational sermon where he praised the valuable work Father Diodati did during his 50 years as a priest and he elaborated on the positive influence he had on so many people in the parishes where he served.

Mass was followed by an informal reception in the Parish Hall with desserts, coffee and tea prepared and served by members our Catholic Women’s League.


(Left to right) Father Cote, Bishop Tonnos, Father Diodati, Father Boucher, Father Quarshie

Parish Yard Sale May 26, 2018

Thanks to all the Parishioners who helped with the organization of our first Parish Yard Sale.

Thanks also to those who supported the event and to the men of the Knights of Columbus who added to the fun spirit of the event by displaying their greatly appreciated culinary talents at the barbecue.



Congratulations to the Catholic Women’s League!

At their May 14, 2018 meeting, the CWL at St. John the Baptist was presented with a plaque from The Good Shepherd acknowledging their donations toward the good works of this renowned Catholic organization.

The plaque, presented by Krista Craig of the Good Shepherd, reads:

“Your kindness and generosity enables the Good Shepherd to support people in our community who are suffering through crisis.”

Since 1987 the Catholic Women’s League of St. John the Baptist Parish has donated almost FORTY THOUSAND Dollars ($40,000.00)..

A big THANK YOU from the parish to all those women who with hard work and commitment over the years made this generous donation possible.

Margaret Enright, Krista Craig and Lori Skinner



Opportunity for Parishioners To assist our St. John the Baptist Society of Saint Vincent de Paul

Help is needed for about One Hour (10:00 A. M. to 11:00 A. M.) on each of the following Fridays:

• JUNE 8, 2018

• JULY 13, 2018

• AUGUST 10, 2018

• SEPT. 14, 2018

• OCT. 12, 2018

It is a pleasant task that involves: walking to Spencer Smith Park and socializing with a resident of Maple Villa Long Term Care Centre who is in a wheel chair or walker.

This is a very rewarding experience where staff at the residence also are active participants.

For more information or to sign up e-mail us at stvatsj@gmail.com phone us at (905) 979-6460.

A signup sheet is also available on The Church Bulletin Board at the Brant Street entrance.